Why Vineco

 Our Products

 Did you know...? 
  • Vineco has won "Best of Show" two years in a row at WineMaker Magazine awards with KenRidge Showcase Italian Amarone and KenRidge Classic Viogner 
  • Cheeky Monkey has revolutionized the industry as the first critter brand designed to attract new, younger consumers 
  • Niagara Mist was the first fruit flavoured wine kit brand and is still the leader in its category 
  • We offer over 200 different wine kits to satisfy the preferences and tastes of every wine drinker
Our Quality
  • During the production process we perform over 25 Quality Assurance tests to meet and exceed customers expectations 
  • Our Winemaker has over 21 years experience in the commercial and consumer made wine industry 
  • In 2009 we expanded and upgrade our lab, fermentation room and testing facilities as a part of our ongoing commitment to product excellence


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