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PVC Shrink Capsules

001244Champagne Foil Goldpk/100$16.25
001245Champagne Foil Silverpk/100$16.25
001357Almond/Large Grapespk/500$15.25
001358Aurora Redpk/500$15.25
001359Black/Gold Grapespk/500$15.25
001360Black/Gold Stripepk/500$15.25
001361Burgundy/Gold Grapespk/500$15.25
001362Burgundy/Gold Stripepk/500$15.25
001363Dusty Rosepk/500$15.25
001364Solid Egyptian Violet Metallicpk/500$15.25
001365Funky Black on Blackpk/500$15.25
001366Funky Gold on Violetpk/500$15.25
001367Green/Gold Grapespk/500$15.25
001368Green/Gold Stripepk/500$15.25
001369Green Teapk/500$15.25
001370Large Solid Blackpk/500$19.50
001372Olive/Funky Grapespk/500$15.25
001373Plain Tealpk/500$15.25
001374Rose/Funky Grapespk/500$15.25
001376Solid Blackpk/500$15.25
001377Solid Bronzepk/500$15.25
001378Solid Brown Metallicpk/500$15.25
001379Solid Goldpk/500$15.25
001380Solid Green Mattepk/500$15.25
001381Solid Green Metallicpk/500$15.25
001382Solid Light Blue Metallicpk/500$15.25
001383Solid Light Pinkpk/500$15.25
001384Solid Orangepk/500$15.25
001385Solid Redpk/500$15.25
001386Solid Ruby Red Metallicpk/500$15.25
001387Solid Silverpk/500$15.25
001388Solid Violet Metallicpk/500$15.25
001389Solid Whitepk/500$15.25
001390Solid Yellow Orangepk/500$15.25
001391White/Gold Grapespk/500$15.25